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Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Posted by B & B Maintenance on June 14, 2009 at 6:26 PM

Brown patch is a very common lawn disease that is caused by the fungusRhizoctonia solani. It is very prevalent in warm and humid areasattacking all different types of grasses like St. Augustine grass andKentucky bluegrass. The disease appears in circular patches of deadgrass sometimes in diameters of many feet. Using a quick-releasenitrogen fertilizer can cause the grass to be susceptible to brownpatch. When the disease becomes severe, it will attack the plant crownsand kill the grass.

How to Treat Brown Patch on Lawns

You can cure brown patch by using a contact fungicide. It isimportant that you treat the disease as soon as possible and continueto apply fungicide for several weeks after or as long as humid, warmweather persists. There are plenty of fungicides at Lowes or Home Depotthat are marked as being able to treat brown patch disease.

How to Prevent Brown Patch

Lawn DiseaseWatering infrequently can help keep the grass as dry as possible.Also, try to water only early in the morning to prevent wet grass inthe evenings. Control thatch by dethatching or aerating your lawn andmake sure to follow a good annual fertilizer program. Stick withslow-release nitrogen fertilizer and try not to fertilize during heavyrains when the lawn is most saturated.

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