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Frequently Asked Questions About Firewood

Posted by B & B Maintenance on July 18, 2009 at 9:52 PM

Q: How does burning firewood effect our environment?

Answer: According to Chimney Safety Institute of Americathat unlike the burning of fossil fuels like gas or oil, which many believe tobe upsetting our climate for the worst, burning firewood releases no moreharmful greenhouse gases than would be produced were the wood to simply rot onthe forest floor. If we are responsible in the ways we select, cut, and burnour firewood, wood burning can actually be the correct choice for theenvironment too.

Q: How do I properly start a fire?

Answer: To start a fire you should start byplacing some crumpled newspaper on the rack, then place some kindling wood surroundingthe newspaper. Light the newspaper, allow it to burn itself out while catchingthe kindling wood on fire. As the flames progress place a log in the fire, tryto use thinner logs at first then build up to the larger pieces.

Q: How do I build a better fire?

Answer: The easiest and best fire for either astove or fireplace is achieved with a mixture of softwoods for easy ignitingwith hardwoods for longer burning and good coaling qualities. A cardinal ruleof fireplace management is to keep a thick bed for glowing coals that dropthrough. The coals yield a steady heat and aid in igniting fresh fuel as it isadded. Keep the fire burning by adding a small amount of wood at regularintervals. A small, hot fire is much better than a large, roaring blaze becauseit burns more completely and produces less creosote.

Q: Should the wood be covered?

Answer: No, covering the firewood traps moisture,promotes mildew and attracts insects. Covering the wood should only bepermitted if it will rain.

Q: Where should I store the wood?

Answer: You can store the wood outside orinside. It is best to let the fresh air get to the wood to keep it dry; onlycover the wood if it is going to rain. If you can not store it outside that isO.K.! Storing wood inside will keep the wood dry as well as insect free.

Q: How long are the logs?

Answer: Generally 12 - 18 inches.

Q: How often should my chimney be cleaned?

Answer: A minimum of once a year isrecommended to eliminate creosote buildup.


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