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Fall Leaf Clean Up

Suffolk County Fall Clean Up by B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

 Everyone loves the beauty of fall when the leaves change color. However, when the leaves begin dropping, it can become messy and sometimes dangerous. When October arrives, fall leaf clean ups begin. It is important to make an investment in a proper fall leaf clean up to ensure a healthy lawn next spring. A proper removal of the leaves will prevent mold and other diseases from forming over the cold winter months. Fall leaf clean ups can be done as a one-time visit approach, or during each lawn maintenance visit throughout the fall season to keep your property looking top-notch.

*B & B Maintenance now offers a You Rake Em' We Take Em' service. We understand that times are hard and that most people are trying to save money every way possible. If you are tired of bagging the leaves, then just don't do it! All you have to do is rake the leaves into a pile in your driveway or at the curb and we will come and load them away. This saves you the hassle of bagging the leaves and the costs of labor you would pay us to get the leaves to the curb.

What does a full service fall leaf clean up entail?

- Gutter cleaning to ensure that there will be no problems throughout the winter.
- Removal of bulk leaves and debris from all lawn and garden bed areas around the property.
- Renovation of all lawn areas by over seeding, a soil test and lime, core aeration and de-thatching.
- A winterizing fertilizer application to provide support and protection to your lawn throughout the winter.
- All perennials will be cut back and dead wood from ornamental plants will be removed.
- Garden beds that are properly mulched will be weeded and cultivated to provide warmth for your trees and shrubs.
- A final pruning of trees and shrubs, as it is the last opportunity for many species before the spring. Pruning also provides for a neat, compact appearance and prevents snow damage to those valuable trees and shrubs.
- A final mowing is performed to reduce the height of the grass to "winter" length.

Don't worry is you are feeling overwhelmed by a full service fall leaf clean up. Many homeowners just decide to remove the bulk leaves and debris from all lawn and garden areas around their property and deal with everything else in the spring. Depending on your needs and wants, and the budget you have in mind, B & B Maintenance can perfect a fall leaf clean up package to suit your needs.

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