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Lawn Fertilization Program

Suffolk County Lawn Fertilization Program by B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

 Having a precise fertilization program developed is the best way to insure that your lawn has all the basic nutrients necessary for optimal growth deep down at the root system. Having strong, deep roots will result in a healthier lawn that will be able to better withstand summer hear and other stresses we commonly experience here in Suffolk County.

We use fertilizers of the utmost quality that are blended to release nutrients slowly, over a long period of time, providing the necessary elements that your lawn needs throughout the growing season. Our goal in applying fertilizer is to give your grass the right nutrients at the right time of the year without creating excessive top growth that would require additional mowing.

Applying too much fertilizer or applying fertilizer at the wrong time can create serious problems for your lawn such as burning the lawn or possibly killing it. Too little fertilizer over a period of time can reduce your lawns capability of producing the right amount of compounds that your lawn requires to manufacture food and grow a strong root system. This results in thinning turf grass, compacted soil due to reduced microorganism activity and an overall unhealthy lawn. As your lawns health slowly deteriorates due to misapplication of fertilizer, invasive weeds will feel invited to take root and as a result will present an ongoing problem for the future.

Out trained technicians know when to apply the correcty application of nutrients, at the right time. Wheter you want a chemically balanced slow release fertilizer program or an eco-friendly organic fertilization program, B & B Maintenance is here to help suite your landscape needs.

Common fertilizer ingredients:

- Nitrogen: (N) Boosts growth and promotes green color of turf grass.
- Phosphorous: (P) Feeds grass seedlings and promotes healthy turf root development.
- Potassium: (K) Strengthens a lawn's resistance to drought and disease.

Our 5 Step Fertilization Program includes the following applications:

Step 1. - Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
16-0-8 with MESA and 0.43% Barricade. 40% Organic.
Provides unsurpassed pre-emergent control of 6 grassy weeds: crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, barnyardgrass, fall panicum and Poa annua and many annual broadleaf weeds: chickweed, oxalis, prostrate spurge, knotweed, purslane and henbit, before they sprout.
Applied approximatley April 1 - April 30 depending on climate conditions and soil temperatures.

Step 2. - Fertilizer with Broadleaf Weed Control
20-0-7 Weed & Feed with Meth-Ex.
A blended fertilizer with 25% Meth-Ex 40 and Trimec post-emergent herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds in established turf. Fertilizer with Meth-Ex kills dandelion, chickweed, knotweed and many other broadleaf weeds while fertilizing at the same time. Features 20% Nutralene and 20% SCU controlled release nitrogen for uniformed growth without burning. Applied when weeds first appear. No irrigation within 24 hours after application.
Applied approximately April 30 - June 15 depending on climate condition and soil temperatures.

Step 3. - Fertilizer with Insect Control
17-0-5 with 0.069% Bifenthrin.
Fertilizer with Bifenthrin insect control to fertilize cool and warm season turf and control insects in a single application. Offers control of chinch bugs, sod webworms, ticks, fleas, ants, earwigs, chiggers, armyworms and more that 10 other surface insects. Irrigate immediatley after appplication and keep children and pets off treated areas until grass is dry.
Applied approximately June 15 - July 30 depending on climate condition and soil temperatures.

Step 4. - Fertilizer
18-24-12 Starter Winterizer with 2% Iron. 30% Slow Release.
A professional product excellent for reseeding, new sod, established lawns or winterizing. Provides just the right balance of nutrients needed for lawns during the season. Features 17% Nutralene and 13% SCU controlled release nitrogen for uniformed growth without burning. A third soluble nitrogen source rapidly replaces depleted nitrogen. A high phosphorous and potassium content stimulates and helps produce energy needed for a stronger root system.
Applied approximately August 15 - October 15 depending on climate conditions and soil temperatures.

Step 5. - Fertilizer
20-0-8 Greenskeeper with 1% Irong and 57% CRN. Homogeneous
This is a superior fertilizer for general turf use. A homogeneous granular type fertilizer containing 6.0 units of WIN, formulated to give turf immediate green-up and sustained feeding.
Applied approximately October 15 - October 31 depending on climate conditions and soil temperatures.

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