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B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

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Lawn Maintenance

Suffolk County Lawn Maintenance by B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

 B & B Maintenance is a Father & Son team which provides residential    lawns and landscapes on Long Island require particular kinds of care and expertise. At B & B Maintenance, we know what grasses grow best in this region and we know how to properly cut and maintain your lawn to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Using the industries most advanced lawn care equipment, we frequently adjust the height of our mowing decks to prevent your lawn from burning and becoming susceptible to drought and disease. We sharpen the blades on our mowers twice a week, so we cut rather than shred your lawn. Additionally, we can vary our mowing patterns weekly to eliminate ruts, lines, and excessive wear and tear.

Our lawn care service will give your lawn a well manicured look. Each lawn care visit includes mowing, edging and trimming of all turf areas. With edging, we remove the grass that grows over patios, sidewalks, driveways and walkways due to the buildup of soil deposits at the edge of your lawn. In the areas our mower just can not reach, we use a string-trimmer to trim the grass to the same height the mower would have cut it. Finally, we remove all the clipping from the sidewalk, curb, driveway and patio using a high powered backpack blower.

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