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Sod Installation

Suffolk County Sod Installation by B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

 Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science. At B & B Maintenance, we have perfected the installation of freshly cut sod to create an instant vibrant lawn that you desire.

The sod we use is locally grown and of the highest quality available. We offer a variety of different grass and turf species; some preferring shad, others preferring sun and others performing well in high traffic areas. After examining your property, we will advise you on the particular species of lawn we recommend that would best thrive in the given environment.

Once we determine the best species of grass for your landscape, we will prepare the site to ensure proper drainage and compaction. The sod is then expertly laid with careful consideration of the surrounding walkways, driveways and buildings, following gradients and curves to ensure visual and aesthetically beautiful lines. Each piece of sod is laid by hand to ensure that a firm bond between the sod and the soil is achieved. When we have finished laying the sod, we water your new lawn, add starter fertilizer and carefully roll the new lawn to ensure that it will be perfectly level when we are through.

You are left with a rich green lawn that is beautifully contoured and immacualately sculpted, which immediately enhances the beauty and value of your home.

If you are seriously considering sod, take the time to learn about the pros and cons of sod and its comparison to seeding. They way, you will be able to achieve the lawn you desire in the most cost effective and timely manner.

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