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Weed Control

Suffolk County Weed Control by B & B Maintenance Services, Inc.

 If your landscape includes ornamental beds, gardens, driveways, side walks or patios, then B & B Maintenance can provide the care you need to keep them looking their best and eliminate the need for weeding. We offer hand weeding or weeding through the use of pesticides known as herbicides.

We have a weed prevention program that uses a selective pre-emergent herbicide for control of annual grasses and most broadleaf weeds for 4 months.

We also have a weed control program that uses a water soluble herbicide for non-selective, post-emergent control of unwanted plants.

Our weed prevention and control programs use pesticides that are the benchmark of the green industry. Through the knowledge of our staff, along with specialized equipment, B & B Maintenance makes it easy to offer you control of broadleaf and grassy weeds along with any unwanted plants without harming established shrubs and ornamentals. We can control any size infestation, from only a few dandelions along your driveway to an entire yard of poison ivy.

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